At Her Health & Fitness we care about you, the individual, your fitness goals, your self esteem, your health, we treat you as part of the family.

But don't take our word for it, read through some of the feedback from our valuable members. After you have read through, ask your self, is this some where I would feel comfortable making a change in my life? You will receive support not from only our staff but all the wonderful members who patron our facilities. We look forward to meeting you and discussing how we can start your journey to the NEW and improved you!

“Due to circumstances in life with in the past 12 yrs I lost my self confidence and lost who I was ...in many ways words can not not will ever explain . Joining the gym this year has brang me back to life back to reality, fitness has brought me my confidence back and I actually feel powerfull and strong when I walk out of there .its healed my mind I'm more positive and hopefull thanks to fitness it has changed my life and yes specially thanks to my good hearted instructor which I have grown to adore.”
-Fatima Derbas, November 2013

"I’ve been a member at HERS for several years now and have nothing other to say than Thank you! To the trainers and staff; you have all been pleasant, motivating and inspiring. This place feels like home and has in many ways helped me achieve more than I could have imagined. I am forever grateful and look forward to achieving more great things!"

-Fatima Daghastani, February 2018

"This is my first experience at a gym as I have never joined elsewhere before. I have been a member for several months at her gym. Must I say, I am incredibly overwhelmed and have never felt better! I feel like a have so much more energy to get through the day and it really puts me in a good and positive mood. Also, the staff and people here have been so caring and encouraging, always pushing me to do better each day. I love this place and really wish I had joined her gym earlier."

-Rachael, January 2018

"Joining Her Health & Fitness was the best decision I have made. Since I first started until now I have been losing 1kg per week attending only 3 days per week. I am really close to my goal weight and I am looking better everyday. The staff are lovely and extremely supportive, motivating and helpful. They are not just staff they are friends. I really enjoy coming to the club especially for the fun classes Her Health & Fitness runs. I recommend Her Health & Fitness to women of all ages."
-Houda Diab, August 2010
"Since joining the gym 3 months ago, I have now found my motivation, I've lost weight and feel happier with myself and working on achieving my goal weight. The staff are very supportive and friendly. I had previously never joined a gym before in my life and taking the step in joining has led me wanting to go everyday cause I enjoy it so much. I leave feeling very good. I wish I had joined her sooner!"
-Emma Ali, August 2010

"Her Health & Fitness gym has changed my life both physically and mentally. Not only is it a friendly atmosphere but its excellent value and the staff and instructors are always making it a fun experience. It has the perfect balance of weights and cardio equipment which is exactly what I love! I really look forward to waking up and heading to HERS... there is absolutely no better feeling!"

-Shaymaa, January 2018

"...All the staff at Her Health & Fitness have excellent communication skills and are very approachable, friendly and are extremely motivational. For this simple reason, they provide a great environment that allows me to feel comfortable enough to join in on the classes whether it is boxercise, step and burn, fat burner or many more and know that the experienced instructors will mentor me throughout the sessions which I love..."
-Catherine Elboudi, August 2010
“i have suffered from joint pain for several years and no amount of medication could repair it. my doctor told me to partake in exercise, which left me deciding which gym i should choose. from the minute i joined her health and fitness it was the most wonderful experience. I love the layout of the gym and the staff are so kind and lovely. i have noticed huge differences to the pain in my knees and this couldnt have been done without you guys! i want to thank you soooo much for all your efforts. i used to think the gym was just for weight loss but her health and fitness focuses on both HEALTH and FITNESS which as a results encourages a happy and healthy lifestyle. thank you guys for all the support, you guys are amazing!”
-Zara El Hage, November 2013